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Your book has been a great work of healing in my husband’s life. We read it together. Each chapter he faces more of his past and heals those wounds. God bless you brother for your willingness to expose your life to everyone.

I just finished reading The Road to Grace; it’s a powerful book. I’ve read many books on the topic of sexual addiction but I’d have to say that this book has the most realistic approach… religion isn’t the answer as is mentioned on Page 193: “When religion has said it’s last word, there is little that we need other than God Himself. The evil habit of seeking God and (anything else) effectively prevents us from finding God in full revelation.”

In the book it’s also said that “A Christian sex addict is someone who seeks to taste and know the love of God deep in the core of their heart while taking a bath in the sewer of lust.” That was a powerful statement that most people wouldn’t understand unless they’d struggled with this addiction.
~From Mark, who is currently incarcerated

I have just finished reading The Road to Grace and it is everything and more than I expected! I asked my wife if she would consider reading it… I plan on rereading it starting tomorrow. Thank you; the book is changing my life.

Well, I’ve been in tears the past couple of days reading your book. I really had NO idea your book would be this good. You totally ministered to me. I just feel so refreshed, so renewed in God. Your book reminded me that I have to abide in Christ more and trust God and keep that relationship with Christ VERY kindled!!

Your book was amazing to say the least. I’ve read several sex addiction books and yours is the best. Your suffering and God’s Grace has made this book powerful. It covers EVERY aspect of sexual addiction from steps to recovery to mending the marriage. It spoke volumes. Your book is a mighty weapon and will save MANY MANY marriages.

Also, I had NO idea about Manasseh. It blew me away. I loved that you used different stories at times than the same ones we’ve heard in church our whole lives. You really did a superb job on this book and I know God is going to bless you abundantly and reward you with more of Him!
~Shelley Lubben

I believe God will use the principles in this book to not only bring people freedom with sexual addiction, but with other areas of sin as well. As I’ve been tempted to run to other vices this week, God’s been continually taking me to the throne room to connect with Him and cry out, “Create in me a clean heart, oh, God!” Thanks for being sensitive to His leading in writing this as His vessel! I’m still reading, but have already been so blessed!

I am reading your book right now and it is a tremendous blessing to me. Thank you! I have read so many books I was reluctant to get another, but yours is different and I am so glad I did. I have had periods of sobriety but not purity. Thank you for distinguishing between them.

I just got your book yesterday and am already on chapter 4. Great book! It sure speaks to where I’ve been and where I want to be. I’d like to purchase several more copies… May God continue to bless your ministry.

I want to say that your book has promoted healing for me in some areas where my heart was still wounded. Thanks so much for the transparency and sensitivity to the woman’s heart I see in the book. I appreciate your hard work. It is going to minister to many.

So far 4 of us kiwis have read the book and it has been a real blessing to us. You know a book is great/challenging when people, HAVE to put it down for a few days (one person about a week!) because it brings up so much stuff. Every person I have talked to about the book, have really gotten a lot out of it (not always enjoyable – but that too is a great thing!) I’ve given the first two copies you sent me as a gift to guys that are in a support group I am involved in. I’ve been challenging a few of them about bringing their wives more into the process, as you suggest.
~Warner, New Zealand

I am on my second reading of The Road to Grace, this time reading more slowly.  Mike’s observations and presentation of scripture, along with the account of his own experience, give me great hope, and shows me a direction that I can believe, and that I crave, from someone who’s “been there”, where I am now.  It’s nice to crave something besides one more session of porn.  His approach is “no holds barred”, but compassionate, since he has been in the pits that I’m trying to crawl out of.  Also, my wife appreciated very much the section for wives.  Seeing Michelle’s feelings and struggles helped her to see that she is “normal” in her responses, and gives her hope that the struggle will get easier over time.  Thanks, Mike, for this labor of love for hurting men and their wives…

Today a man who purchased your book from us wrote me and said that your book had helped him to leave porn behind … he is free now and enjoys freedom.
~Phil Poeschl, director of Love is More, a ministry in Austria that sells The Road to Grace in German

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your book.

I have been running a group for wives of husbands struggling with sexual addiction  (it is also my story) and I know that your book will provide them information as they journey through their own healing. Many books on sexual addiction describe and provide examples of all degrees of sexual brokenness (i.e. prostitutes, anonymous encounters etc. ) and I find that the women who “only” deal with pornography are quick to minimize their own pain and the subsequent consequences. They seem to settle with what’s happening in their marriage because after all, “at least he’s not doing that.”

To find a book that focuses on the destruction of pornography use is very necessary. Through reading  your book, women can see that it is having an affect on their marriage and family. So, I thank you.

I have almost finished your book and love it. The book is outstanding. Since beginning the book I have told my wife of my addiction. The immediate change in our lives was incredible. We have both grown so much closer to each other like never before. We have both grown close to Christ as well. It has been an amazing few months! Thank You and Praise Jesus!!!

I wanted to let you know that I just finished your book; I found it encouraging, well written and more helpful from any other book I’ve read on this subject.

I’ve read your book and it has helped me tremendously.
I’m so grateful for your transparency and your willingness to allow the Lord to use you in
order to remove this cancer from the Body of Christ.

This book is a must for counselors and those affected by this subject.
~Rolf T., director of Weibes Kreuz