The Road to Grace


The Road to Grace
; Finding True Freedom from the Bondage of Sexual Addiction is the book by Mike Genung, founder of Blazing Grace, a ministry to those who struggle with porn or sexual addiction.

Empty. Corrupted. Tormented. Starved.

This describes the Christian sex addict. No matter what he (or she) does, he will not experience true freedom from the bondage of sexual addiction until he finds the life, love and acceptance he yearns for.

As the deer pants for the water brooks, So my soul pants for You, O God.

Psalms 42:1

The Road to Grace begins by providing the reader with the tools needed to break free from the bondage to sexual sin with a straight-forward, Biblical approach. But this is just the beginning of the journey, as gaining true freedom from lust is about much more than controlling external acts. The Road to Grace delves into the wounds and lies in the heart that block the reader from receiving God’s love, and then guides him to the place where he can accept the free gift of the abundant life in Christ.

Your book has changed my life, it has helped me really accept God’s great grace, and opened my eyes to understand more clearly who I am in Christ and how God thinks of me.


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Table of Contents

Excerpts from Chapter 4 and Chapter 5


  • Biblical methods for overcoming sexual temptation.
  • Healing from shame.
  • How to stop a masturbation habit.
  • Dealing with the core issues that drive sexual sin.
  • Understanding and receiving the love of God in the heart.
  • Healing for Wives
  • How to restore a marriage that’s been scarred by sexual sin.
  • Excellent for use in porn/sex addiction support groups.

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  • New! Updated 2014 edition
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  • Paperback: 232 Pages. Also available as an e-book.
  • Published by Blazing Grace Publishing
  • Language: English (translations in Korean and German are also available in South Korea and Austria).
  • ISBN: 0-9787756-0-0
  • EAN: 978-0-9787756-0-5
  • Dimensions: 8-1/2 x 5-1/2 x .615
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