Following is the table of contents for Mike Genung’s 2nd book 100 Days on the Road to Grace; a Devotional for the Sexually Broken. This is a series of 100 daily readings for the struggler with porn and sexual addiction. Links to samples are included.

1There is Hope51The Christian Pharisee
2No Compromise52Fear
3War53From Fantasy to Reality
4Wait on the Lord54Rest
5Rebuilding Trust, Part 155Enjoy the Wife of Your Youth
6Our Greatest Need56Fighting the Pull
7What Do You Believe?57The Most Important Relationship
8The Call to Courage58Growing Strong
9Collateral Damage59Depression
10A Prayer of Power 60Stand Firm
11Faces of Isolation61The P Word
12God Doesn’t Need You in Ministry 62Surrender
13The Gift of Humility63Sick of Self?
14The Incredible Love of God 64Priorities
15No More Justification65God, Where Were You? Part 1
16Rebuilding Trust, Part 266God, Where Were You? Part 2
17The Blessing of a Good Friend67When You’re Afraid You’ve Fallen Too Far
18Encountering God68Look Up
19Persevering Prayer69Anger
20Is Sex the Source of Life?70Receiving Forgiveness
21The Problem with Success71Growing in Humility
22The Power of a Lie72Surrounded by Grace
23The Power of the Truth73Have Fun!
24Cut to Heal74Listening to God
25Learning to Love75Growing in Grace
26Masturbation isn’t in the Bible 76The Goal
27Come to Me77How Does God Speak
28When Your Heart is Hard78Why Do I Feel Rotten?
29Running the Wheel79Time is Short
30Finding Comfort80Obedience
31Will You Make it Out of the Gate?81What We’re Thirsty For
32The Other Side of Defeat82The Challenge, Part 1
33Dealing with Trials83The Challenge, Part 2
34Soul Poison84Festal Robes
35Pulling the Cords Apart85Keep Your Guard Up!
36The Martha Syndrome86The Road Narrows
37The Blessing of Suffering87Breaking Strongholds
38Dousing the Sparks88What Are You Feeding On?
39After a Fall89Who Can You Encourage Today?
40The Hardest Battle90Restoring the Fallen
41Cleansing from Shame91Choked
42Righteous Fear92Pray As You Go
43Unrighteous Fear93In the Potter’s Hands
44By My Spirit94The Next Generation
45Joseph95How to Honor God
46Your Party Awaits96Are You Resting?
47Seeking Him97God
48Finding Him98Your Will Be Done
49The Terror of Intimacy99Don’t Waste Your Life!
50His Wounds100Setting Your Mind On Eternity