The Next Book

Posted On: Jan 24, 2014By Mike Genung

I’ve begun work on my next book. This will be a couple’s workbook, with a focus on walking a husband and wife through the recovery and healing process from adultery, porn, or other sexual sin.

There’s a huge need to help couples to recover from what is an emotionally harsh situation. My marriage was on the ropes for many months after I exposed my adultery to Michelle in 1991; there was plenty of crying, anger, and withdrawal on both sides along the way. By God’s grace, our marriage made it; but there are many others that do not. I hate it when marriages are lost and families are torn apart because of sexual addiction; I believe strongly that God places high value on every marriage (after all, He’s the one that put them together) and He wants to see His people healed.

The book will be arranged by readings that husband and wife will work through together. Topics will include dealing with fears, communication issues, boundaries vs. control, finding ways to work together, moving toward restoration, and much more.

My hope is that this workbook will help lead a wounded couple through the minefield of recovering from sexual sin, and that the Lord will use it to strengthen and heal. Your prayers for the writing process are appreciated.